Common Questions

What is Lead Jumper?
Lead Jumper is a mobile ready marketing tool suite consisting of state-of-the-art sales funnels and a true network blogging platform. The tools were designed so that marketers of any level can achieve a professional online presence and in today's mobile age. Lead Jumper's true network blogging platform allows you to create a personal blog quickly and easily, that is specifically designed to achieve maximum search engine exposure.

What is meant by Lead Jumper being "mobile ready"?
All of the Lead Jumper websites including the main site itself, Easy Funnels and Easy Blog are all responsive. That means regardless of the device that is being used to view them (iPhones, Androids, iPads, tablets, etc.) and regardless of how the device is being held (upright or sideways) the sites are scaled perfectly to fit.

Am I able to use my own domain on all sales funnels?
Yes you are. With our built-in domain alias feature, you are able to apply your own domain to all sales funnels easily.

What autoresponder services am I able to use with my sales funnels?
Easy Funnels is integrated with Aweber, GetResponse, GoGVO and MailChimp.

Is Lead Jumper's blogging platform a true network?
Yes, Lead Jumper's Easy Blog is designed as a true network, meaning all blog posts are given front page exposure. In addition, Lead Jumper has designed it's blog as a true sub-domain platform, giving you maximum search engine exposure.

Do I require a hosting account to utilize any of the Lead Jumper software?
All software products are hosted by Lead Jumper therefore you do not require a hosting account to utilize any of the products.

Do I require any programming or HTML knowledge in order to get the most out of my sales funnels and blog?
Absolutely not. The Easy Funnels and Easy Blog interfaces were designed so that a person of any level can create effective and professional looking sales funnels for the product or service they are promoting online and personal or business style blog, quickly and easily.

What are all the costs involved with Lead Jumper?
New members are required to pay a one time $99 admin fee plus the level of their choice.

Optional costs include:
Autoresponder service - To be used with Easy Funnels (cost varies on provider).
Domain - If you wish to utilize Lead Jumper's domain alias feature, you can apply your own domain to your sales funnels. Cost varies by domain provider and the type of domain you purchase such as a .com, .info, .net, etc.

How do I receive my commissions?
Commissions are paid directly member to member via overnight cash, cashiers check or you preferred method of payment.

If I do not have a product to sell, can I still be involved with Lead Jumper?
Yes, you can. If you do not have a product to sell, you are able to promote Lead Jumper and our proprietary products as a business itself.

Does Lead Jumper offer any type of refund?
LeadJumper has a strict no refund policy. All sales are final as per our Terms and Conditions as all payments for our products are paid directly from member to member.

I didn't receive my confirmation email, now what?
If you didn't receive your confirmation email when you created your account, check your spam or junk folder to see if it may have landed there.

If it is not there...
First - add 'leadjumper.com' to your white list.
Second - check your junk/spam folder to see if it landed there.
Next - attemp a login to your leadjumper account, and your confirmation email will be resent.

Please Note: Non-confirmed accounts are periodically deleted from our system,  so confirm your account as soon as possible.
Also, members utilizing a Gmail address receive our confirmation emails just fine so we suggest utilizing a Gmail account with LeadJumper.